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Sharn is known by many names; some refer to it as the City of Knives for its depths of intrigue, others as the City of Lost Souls owing to its libertine and cosmopolitan traditions. Others know it as the gateway to Xen’Drik, a last stop before high adventure. its most common moniker is City of Towers, because its most magnificent feature are the spires of stone, glass, and iron that rise to the very clouds.

As the largest of Khorvaire’s cities, Sharn is a hub of trade, diplomacy, and travel. Goods, services, and people from all corners of khorvaire – and beyond! – mingle and travel through Sharn. The city’s connection to the plane of Syrania enables both the immense towers and the floating sky coaches that ferry travelers between them. High above the city float the exclusive estates of the city’s most wealthy, while beneath street level, the dregs of society skulk through goblin ruins that were already ancient when the city was founded.

Fortune and fame can be found amid the glamour and markets of Upper Menthis and in the sweltering depths of the Cogs alike… and it’s impossible to say which may pose more danger to the unwary.

Home Page

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